Recipe Name -SHUFTA
Food Category- DESSERT

Number of Portions -4 pax
Sl NO                Ingredients Quantity
1                           Sugar 100 gm
2                           Water 150 ml
3                            Saffron 1 gm
4                         Cashew nuts 20 gm
5                            Raisins 20 gm
6                           Almonds 20 gm
7                            Dates 20 gm
8            Cottage Cheese (Paneer) 40 gm
9                 Cardamom Powder 4 gm
10              Dry Coconut Whole 10 gm
11                        Apricot 20 gm
12                         Ghee 50 ml
13                     Cinnamon Stick 1 no
14                     Ginger Slices 2 gm
15                 Rose Petals For Garnish

First Cut Paneer in small cubes.
Deserved all the whole dry nuts and cut in small dices.
Soak Almonds in Water.
Take a Wok, put ghee & deep fry the Cottage Cheese (Paneer). Keep Aside.
Saute all the nuts in Ghee.
Now make Sugar Syrup with Water & Sugar. Adding Cinnamon stick & Ginger.
After Making syrup, remove the cinnamon stick & ginger from syrup.
Add Saffron into it.
Add all whole nuts & fried Cottage Cheese in Syrup.
Season it with Cardamom Powder.
Keep the Syrup medium thick (Double Thread Consistency)
Garnish it with Rose Petals.
Will taste best if served warm. Also can be served cold too.

Made by chef Keshav Raj Pandey


Amazing dessert by Chef Keshav Raj Pandey

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