There are a lots of crowd  in Chinarpark who prefer to eat foods at restaurants and there are some old restaurants which server same old taste food, crowds getting bored by having same old taste every time. They are keep wondering how to find good and different taste of food. Here’s  The Bahamas Love Cafe & Restaurant which is completely new restaurant open at ChinarPark and getting great review by their customers about food and services. So let find out why? this restaurant is differ than other restaurants.

The Bahamas Love Cafe & Restaurant is open now from 8 am to 11 pm at ChinarPark, Atghara, Newtown, Kolkata (near by Athghara petrol pump), have multi-cuisine  in which they have Continental, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican,  South Indian, Thai cuisine. And they also serve Mock-tails, Tea & Coffee, Pizza, Momo and many more things.

They completed there 20 days and they are taking review from there customers and they are getting great response from there customers. As customers are telling them cafe is well decorated and great place for hang out, food quality is great and service is good given by many customers.

At The Bahamas most famous food are:

  • Pasta

Pennie Pasta with White Sauce is the most famous food of The Bahamas restaurant as per 20 days of sell.

  • Masala Pav Bhaji

Masala Pav Bhaji is the also famous food of that cafe.

  • Masala Dosa

They serve Masala Dosa is the best in ChinarPark.

  • Pizza

They are serving thin crust pizza.

  • Momo

They have Veg and Non-veg momo along with mango flavor momo.

  • Crispy Baby Corn

They serve crispy chilly baby which is best in that area reviewed by most customers.

  • Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry only serve by The Bahamas Love Cafe & Restaurant.

You can find more about there menu and offers on there FB page and website.

Here the links:

Click here to visit there FB page.

Click here to visit there website.

Click here to check their Menu.








Why?? The Bahamas Love Cafe & Restaurant is differ than other restaurant.
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