Ingredients :-

  • vodka – 30 ml
  • Raspberry syrup- 1 AP spoon
  • Strawberry syrup- 1 AP spoon
  • Blueberry syrup-   1 AP spoon
  • Lime juice         –   1 AP spoon
  • maple syrup       –   1 AP spoon
  • fresh mint leave –   4/5 bunch
  • fresh Strawberry fruits- 2 pcs

Step.1 Take Hi-ball or beer glass.
Step.2 Add All ingredients than muddle  all ingredients.
Step.3 Put some ice cubes .last topping soda /Sprite .
 And last ,
Garnish with Strawberry  slice  and fresh  mint Flutes.

Possible health benefits of vodka-

  • Vodka is known to substantially reduce stress, perhaps the most effective alcoholic drink in this regard.
  • Vodka’s characteristic to induce sleep is adequately proven by scientific research.
  • Owing to this, vodka can be incorporated in low-calorie meals. If you are battling overweight or obesity, as much as it gives you pleasure in the form of highness.

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