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My only Son “ABHISHEK ROY” (25) was a Mechanical Engineer, originally from Bhopal (MP). He was living in Pune (Maharashtra) for job along with some of his friends. He was going to join a MNC name “Shoe Finishing Pvt. Ltd.” a JAPAN company in Pune on 1st June 2014, But before he could join he was killed by some unknown goons around 3:30 – 4 AM of 1st June 2014. He was dragged down outside from his room and stabbed on chest by a dagger. At the time of incident one of his roommate Shiddarth Jain Dhamasiya was along with him and another roommate Krishna Mishra went for work and not came back home that night as of double shift.

My son (Abhishek) and his roommates were living in rented room in a 3 floor building address S.No 1576 NR Shivali Center, Wagholi, Pune. House owner and his family lives in the ground floor and on First & Second floor 4 – 4 Tenants lived. At the time of incident all 7 Tenants room door were locked from outside except Owner and my son’s room door. Although the main gate of building is generally locked at night time but on that day it was left unlocked.

As F.I.R filled at “Lonikand Police Station” (F.I.R no 206/1stjune/2014) it is mentioned that Abhishek was murdered by 2 unknown thieves with an intention of robbery, But it is totally a fictitious and delusive statement about incident. As I mentioned above in detail, How can some unknown person went on second floor exactly on the door where my son lived after locking down all other tenants room doors. It create a doubt in my mind that it is a Pre-Planned murder as we see the facts and details.

I wrote a letter to Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Home Minister of Maharashtra, Police Commissioner of Pune (Maharashtra) on 4 August 2014 and I also met with Superintendent of Police Rural on 12 November 2014, But no action and concern was taken by them on my son case. Almost 1 year passed, all we get in return from them is just moral support and condolence nothing else.

I lost not only my son but also my hope for living life. I can’t simply leave my son killers I want justice for my son. I request you to all please share this page and massage as much as possible. We need your support.
Thank you

Sharat Chandra Roy (Father)
Sandhya Roy (Mother)

Mob. No. – 9993310650

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